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Dating Factory White Label Networks

What Your Members Get!

Quick search: Our team of our web designers created easy navigation logic for your dating websites.  Quick and easy search facilities will generate instant results.

Browse: Gives a summary of new members, latest matches, online members, birthdays and featured profiles.

Advanced search: Members have an opportunity to narrow down search results using advanced search facilities.

Media gallery: Your members can upload photos, audio and video files to their profile.

Send message: Easy to use, secure and anonymous mail box for your dating sites members.

Send wink: Free members can express an interest sending winks to each other.

Text chat: Easy to navigate instant chat program for paid up members only gives users a good incentive to upgrade.

Voice and video chat:  With additional voice and webcam facilities members have the opportunity to see each other face-to–face before they meet.

SMS:  Web to mobile SMS notifications and alerts will draw your customers back to the website and give more incentive to upgrade.

Personality matching:  Without spending 30 minutes to fill in the test but with the same precise results, our psychological matching system adds value to the dating service for serious users.

Buddies:  This page shows who has visited a users profile, friends and blocked members with dynamic information in the top menu that entices your member to respond and create activity on the site.

Blocked members:  Users can to block members from contacting them further.

Members blog:  Constantly updated user-generated content is important for your website. We added member’s guest book to the users profile to give members that community social network touch as well as SEO benefits for your website.

Members forum:  Run your own members forum and draw more attention to your dating site. This is a great way l to keep your web community active, get direct feedback from your members, create a discussion groups relevant to your social community and of course provides additional advertising opportunities.


Languages:  Our system caters for multiple languages. You can have a site in one language or set it up so the user can select the language he would like to communicate in. This is useful for countries such as Switzerland that has 4 official languages or for the USA where there is a large Spanish speaking community.

Niche communities:  Addressing specific communities is proven to be highly profitable in the dating industry. Your members will enjoy a website that they feel is exactly right for them.

Offers:  You can run your own special offer campaigns alongside ours. Please contact us to set up your promotions. We really want to help you convert member’s subscriptions into money for you.

Pricing:  Choose from our pricing tables or contact us to create your own. Different markets will have different competitive subscription fee ranges so it is important you do not price yourself out of any market.

Payment options:  We provide multiple payment options for your customers– credit cards, SMS, PayPal, local European payments among others.

Profile management:  Quality member’s profiles make your site more attractive. Easy profile management plus incentives, increases your database’s value.

Send profile to a friend:  Make your website viral. The “Send to friend” feature helps you to grow your database with help of your existing members.

Customer support:  Dating Factory’s customer support team is always available to look after your clients. Friendly and helpful staff will answer your member’s questions promptly.