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Dating Factorty White Label Networks

White label dating websites

Dating Factory’s outstanding white label dating solution has more features than any you will find on the market. Bespoke design using web2 methodology, pre populated database, your own URL all throughout the website, set of banners to go with your website, internal pages and layout customization, multiple languages, niche targeting, database filtering, payment options – everything to make your website truly unique.

Instant set up dating templates

You can have a fully functional site up and running in less than 5 minutes!

Dating Factory provides a great choice of pre-designed websites with full html editing facilities as well as internal pages customization. Easy CSS editing and file uploading. Use sub- domains on any of our websites or use your own domain.

Banners and promotional tools

We have a library of banners to fit into your existing advertising campaigns.  Choose the website you want to promote, copy the banner and tracking code and distribute them on the net. Monitor your campaigns with our reporting tools in admin  and reporting facilities and start making money from day one.

Use text links and our unique video tools to drive more traffic to the websites.

Internal Marketing tools

Dating Factory created a set of tools for our affiliates and partners to manage your internal marketing campaigns and maximize the revenue per sign up. It includes:

Easy ECRM management


Internal banner system

Attracting traffic is to your site is key to revenues. Take a look at our banner generating system on the Dating Factory platform:

External Marketing tools

Banners and text links

Our goal is to provide you with as a full set of marketing tools as possible. Each of our designs comes with set of banners to choose from. You can have all-in-one solution – dating website with range of quality banners for promotion or  you  can just pick any banner linked to any of the websites in the system, promote it your own way. Any site you promote will have your unique affiliate code and you will receive the commission for any subscription the user pays.

Creating text links cannot be easier. Get tracking codes and get your marketing campaign up and running in minutes

Comprehensive real time statistics information will show you’re the results of your campaign immediately.


Our websites have been translated by native speakers into the majority of main languages. We have fully trained multilingual customer support to manage member’s requests. You can easily translate your WebPages into additional languages or arrange with us to do so. Appealing to different markets in different ways is one of the key factors to success in converting visitors into paying subscribers.

XML member feeds

Great technique to use to visually extend your database. You can create landing pages and search engine-like websites using our xml feeds.


Dating Factory understands how frustrating it can be to have “internal server error” displayed on your computer screen. Our team of highly qualified and experienced software engineers works 24/7 to make sure your sites have a 99.9 % up time. We have invested in hardware and software to make our system fully redundant and expandable.  Multiple server locations worldwide on high bandwidth circuits will ensure the quickest possible page load times and speed for your website users.


Data leak- Identity fraud-Credit card fraud-Phishing-Spyware-Viruses-Hacks – we hear it every day. Our team of engineers together with a risk management team made sure that using our websites is a safe and enjoyable experience for your customers.  Swiss data protection act registration, full PCI compliance, high-end fully licensed software, multi- level information management procedures, bespoke systems for customer’s verification – we have everything in place to make sure your websites are a safe environment.  Our risk management specialists are constantly up-to -date with latest trends in online security.

Analytics and statistics

Being affiliates ourselves for many years we understand the need to continuously improve our sites and marketing efforts, and are forever tweaking, updating and keeping in touch with the latest trends. Good reports are essential to this process and this is why we put an immense amount of effort time and money into software that provides the most extensive reports there are in the  white label market today. Your administration area will provide you with real time reports online and you can also set up regular reports to be sent to your email address.

You can also easily add external tracking codes to the Registration page, Payment page, and any other internal pages you need, to track and monitor your traffic and marketing efforts.


Our database has compiled from several of our own large dating and casual dating sites running online since 2007 , and comprises a few million members in different countries speaking different languages. Learning from user experience over the years we picked the website features that members want and made our websites highly engaging to enable high conversions for our affiliates. Clean and easy search results generate thousands of profiles in any niche for new members to choose from. Our intelligent niche customization creates two way feeds from global sites into niche sites relevant to user search criteria and therefore increases the number of users for each niche site in our system.

Additional filters in your admin panel can create niche sites easily.

Content management

Today’s Internet is all about web unique and relevant content The more relevant and unique the content is , will increase the time users spend on your site and how often he returns. This is why we have allowed practically unlimited editing of the sites, limiting only those areas which impact on the functionality. Your admin panel allows for easy editing without having to have extensive technical and HTML skills

Website customization

Free traffic equals high profitability. Our system is SEO friendly and designed with search engines in mind. Full website pages customisation for further optimisation can be done using direct HTML editing of your pages through our administration interface.

Websites payment options page

Dating Factory’s secure payment processing platform can handle more than 40 currencies worldwide. We have USD, EURO, GBP and CHF by default on all the websites and can activate specific currencies on request.  We process most of the cards worldwide, including a range of local European debit cards. Our system provides for additional payment options such as direct debit, PayPal and  sms billing. We determine a user’s location by his IP address and display the payment options in his local currency. In the event his currency is not currently activated we default to Euro or Us$

Some countries will support higher pricing than others. Our flexible pricing structure allows you to choose the price range that is competitive in your market.

Payment options and pricing

Our payment processing system handles many different payment options worldwide. All major credit and debit cards, country specific debit cards (UK, Europe), direct debit transfer, e-giro payments for German speaking countries, SMS payment, Pay Pal and more.

Customer support

Customer satisfaction is one of the keys to good retention rates.  We have a team of experienced specialists to provide help and support 24/7 to site users. We are here to help with website navigation, any technical questions and sometimes just to listen to peoples problems. There is an important social aspect involved in running dating sites, such as among others, concerns on personal security, sensitivity of information and scammers. Our team is fully trained to deal with all customer queries no matter what s groups they belong to.


Dating Factory partner’s admin is not only for managing your websites on our platform. To help you succeed we have created and extensive set of tutorials and are continuously updating and add tips from experts. We are fully aware that your success means we succeed too, so we want to do all we can to help. We have affiliations with several leading SEO and internet marketing companies and we will share the advice and recommendations they provide with you.

Remote registration

If you run a portal or a web-site where members register and leave their details, there is no need to make them go through the registration process again on your dating site and lose some of your traffic because of that. With Dating Factory remote registration you have a great opportunity of monetizing all your portal traffic without losing on conversions.

Based on what information you gather from your members we create a profile on your white label dating site so your portal members can login straight into your dating site without having to go through the sign up process again. While registering on your portal, if they tick the dating option, they will simply receive an email with their account details on your white label dating site. By clicking on the activation link in this email your members will automatically login to your dating site and be able to finalize their dating profile and start searching for their matches straight away!

It is also possible for you to host registration process – we will send you the necessary code to put it into your portal pages – as simple as that!

Please contact our support team for more details and setup.