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Dating Factory White Label Networks


Banners and videos

We have a library of banners to fit into your existing advertising campaigns. Choose the website you want to promote, copy the banner and tracking code and distribute them on the net. Monitor your campaigns with our reporting tools in admin and reporting facilities and start making money from day one.

Use text links and our unique video tools to drive more traffic to the websites.

Affiliate program

With Dating Factory white label dating and affiliate platform you can run your own affiliate program. If one or more your white label dating sites or dating templates with us perform well, you can submit them to our affiliate programme and cam recruit your own affiliates. You decide commission for your affiliates and can change it in your administration interface on both site and affiliate level. We still take care of all the back office functions including hosting, payment processing admin, moderation, customer support and payment to affiliates leaving you to concentrate on your downline and your main sites. Your admin panel will reflect your affiliates and provide you with comprehensive reporting on all aspects of your program. We will show you the breakdown of your and your affiliates’ traffic so you can judge who performs best.

Dating Factory provides a unique affiliate program to complement your dating websites on our platform. There is nothing like it you can get from other service providers – you earn commissions from other people promoting your own sites, as simple as that!

Referral program

Dating Factory supports a 2 tier commission structure; you receive commission on the sales of any partners you bring to us for the duration of your relationship with us. Build up your own portfolio of businesses and individuals working for you and then just relax and cash in commissions for the rest of your life time.

B2B solution

There are many opportunities for organizations, businesses and individuals with strong ties to specific communities who may want to provide a way for people to contact each other. For example expats, ethnic groups or travel companions. Our generic platform can be tailored to suit some of these opportunities. Our up to date technology, multilingual capabilities and excellent technical support and back office infrastructure allows organizations without any in house internet expertise to provide high quality solutions with strong earning potential.

Dating Factory white label dating and affiliate platform offers a Master partner opportunity to the companies or individuals who have the potential to cover a specific market. The model is close to franchising opportunities, please feel free to contact our support for more details on this to set up a call with the management team.

If you want to promote our platform to other businesses you can use our referral program. Build up your business portfolio and relax for the rest of your life. Other webmasters will create your income. You can see live statistics and your earnings in our admin panel:


We offer a full range of white label dating solutions. Use one of our template websites available in 13 languages and growing all the time, however if you have an established brand we will work with you to design your own. Address any niche you can imagine, we have many up and ready to go but will put a new one together for you in days.

Start your own partner network or affiliate network. Just a few clicks and you are up and running. Start earning today.

White label dating sites

Dating Factory’s outstanding white label dating solution has more features than any you will find on the market. Bespoke design using web2 methodology, pre populated database, your own URL all throughout the website, set of banners to go with your website, internal pages and layout customization, multiple languages, niche targeting, database filtering, payment options – everything to make your website truly unique.

Dating templates

You can have a fully functional site up and running in less than 5 minutes!

Dating Factory provides a great choice of pre-designed websites with full html editing facilities as well as internal pages customization. Easy CSS editing and file uploading. Use sub-domains on any of our websites or use your own domain


Niche dating websites

According to research published in the REVOLUTION magazine, brands are missing out on potential customers by continuing to channel ad spend through the biggest portals. Targeted ads on relevant niche sites are likely to receive 22 % better response then on the leading portals like Yahoo and MSN.

There several reasons for positive response of users on niche sites:

Trust the Website – 32 %

Engaging content – 34%

Personal connection -24%

In a recession it is vital for web businesses to avoid the traditional scatter-gun approach to engaging their users. With such a large choice, search engines are so successful because they help users find information and answers to very specific queries. Relevance is the key to showing up in the results. Your sites will be more relevant if they address specific needs of users and the community they are seeking to join. For example Christian daters are more likely to search and sign up and pay for a service designed for Christian daters rather than a general site where there may be some Christians. You can also engage them with relevant content such as church events and news and so forth. Narrow it down further  and limit the site to a local region or city or even further make it for people over 45 years of age. With Dating Factory you can have as many sites as you wish so creating niches does not limit the amount of potential members you can sign up.

As the result of niche targeting the click-through on ads relevant to content of niche sites is 35 % higher compared to the general sites.

Dating Factory niche targeted websites are different from all other niche white label dating systems because they are designed to meet both users and affiliates needs.

For the members of the site:

  • targeted niche web content
  • database of likeminded people to instantly connect with
  • easy layout and informative dynamic content of the site that engages relevant interests and increases retention

For the affiliates/partners

  • choice of the best converting niches on the market
  • ability to create many more new niches
  • easy content management to keep your site unique and search engine friendly
  • members data base to pre-populate each niche site
  • flexible payment options to appeal to different markets
  • multilingual web interface
  • extensive statistics to track your marketing campaigns and see which niche converts the best
  • instant cross selling opportunities to maximize your member’s value

For the 3d party advertisers

  • easy manageable banner system
  • extensive statistic reports
  • highly converting targeted web audience
  • user behaviour targeted advertising network

Dating Factory offers over 30 dating niche markets, and this number is growing every month. We currently offer you:

General dating, Senior dating, Disabled dating, Single parents, Christian dating, Uniform dating, Divorced dating, Millionaire dating, BBW/BHM dating, AIDS/HIV dating, Dating for expats, Vegetarian dating, Dating & sports, Professional dating, Asian dating, Black dating, Gay dating, Gay dating for men, Lesbian dating, Gay adult, Gay adult for men, Lesbian adult, Casual dating, Adult dating, ALT/Fetish, Trans dating, SugarDaddy, BBW/BHM adult dating, Nudist dating.